Restorative Healing Massage Series

Restorative Healing Massage Series


Take your therapy to the next level with this package of 6 sessions.



Take your therapy to the next level with this package of 6 sessions. Here we are addressing the underlying cause of your pain, not just what “hurts.” An assessment of your gait, body alignment and potential imbalances is conducted at the beginning of each session. The session will address areas of the body creating these imbalances and promote correction. Modalities including neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue, trigger point release, and structural integration are combined to create balance and correction. We will discuss an at-home care regimen that is strongly suggested in order to reach your full healing potential. By the end of the series, you should be on your way to having massage therapy as a means of prevention instead of treatment.

*This session is a total of 90 minutes. Assessment, bodywork, education and discussion are all included in the 90 minutes.

*Following the completion of the series, you will have the option to schedule a much deserved 90 minute Balanced Healing session at the cost of a 60 minute session…a $30 savings.


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